Wine Tastings

Wine Tastings

Wine tastings are a great way to strengthen ties between co-workers, do team building or to have fun with a group of friends on a trip. Most times the objective isn’t to become an expert on wine, but rather to disconnect from your everyday routine, have fun and learn a couple of things about wine at the same time.

At Wine Secrets Barcelona we have ample experience in holding wine tastings for small and large groups, typically between 6 and 35 people. We give wine tastings in English, Spanish, Catalonian and Norwegian. Not only do we offer wine tastings in a language you understand, we also avoid using an overly technical terminology because our objective is not to sound like professors. Our goal is for you to understand what we are talking about and to enjoy yourselves.

Ham Tastings Wine Serets Barcelona

Beautiful Spanish Ham at our Wine Tastings

The majority of our customers prefer wine tastings at a basic level, but we are happy to accomodate all levels of previous knowledge as well as any specific desire you may have about a theme for the event, for example a determined geographical area. A basic tasting would usually include a welcome drink, followed by four different wines. We talk about various styles of wine, why a wine from a cool climate is different from one made in a hot climate, what happens to a wine when it ages and whether or not you should decant a wine. All this wine talk tends to make people hungry and that’s when we bring out our selection of artisan cheese, Spanish ham and cured meats. We only work with small scale producers and put a lot of time into finding the very best quality. We have a preference for locally sourced produce, but not at any cost. First and foremost it has to be of excellent quality so we can serve it with pride and the knowledge of how it’s been made and by whom.

Wine and Cheese Tastings

Most People are Unaware of the Wonderful Cheeses you can Find in Catalonia

So, whether you’re arranging an event for your company or you want to do something different and fun with your friends on a trip to Barcelona, we can offer wine tastings tailor made to your needs.


Get in touch and let us arrange a good time for you!