Wine Tastings

Wine Tastings

Wine is fun!

That’s always my point of departure when I welcome a group to a tasting. Yes, my objective is for you to learn practical tips and knowledge to use at home, in a restaurant or at the wine store. To feel more self-assured, because wine is no longer such a mystery. But, it’s important to never forget that any bottle of wine exists first and foremost to be opened, poured and enjoyed. So that’s what we’ll do.

Connect with Barcelona

Barcelona is a truly amazing city with a wealth of activities for you to enjoy. Wine tastings offer you a way to connect with this gorgeous place on a whole new level because wine is an important part of daily life here. Knowing about Spanish and Catalan wine allows you to tap into the local culture and see the city in a new light.

Wine tastings are also a wonderful way to strengthen ties between co-workers. The objective isn’t to become an expert on wine, but rather to disconnect from your everyday routine. Additionally, enjoying a tasting with your profesional team breaks up an agenda of company activities


At Wine Secrets Barcelona I arrange wine tastings for small and larger groups, the minimum being four people. The tastings can be in English, Spanish, Catalonian or Norwegian. Not only are they in a language you’ll understand, I also avoid overly technical terminology. Too many wine tastings are held in a rigid format, like a professor giving a lecture that’ll be followed by a test. That is not how I hold my tastings. I have an informal style, encouraging participation and where are all questions are welcome at any time. There will be no test at the end, but there might be a refill or two. Most guests want the tasting at an introductory level, but I’m happy to accomodate all levels of previous knowledge.  We can also put the scope where you want it, for example by doing only Catalan wines.

Cheese & Cured Meats

In your tasting you can choose to include a selection of artisan cheese and cured meats. Spain of course has some of the best cured meats in the world, but did you know that all over the country artisans are making absolutely delicious cheeses? I only work with small producers and invest a lot of time into finding the very best quality. I have a preference for locally sourced produce, but most importantly it has to be top notch so I can serve it with the knowledge of how it’s been made and by whom.

So get in touch and let’s talk about your wine tasting!