About us

About us

About Wine Secrets Barcelona;  two separate types of services. 

On the one hand, we offer tailor made wine tastings and wine- and food pairings for groups from 6 to 30 people in our beautiful space in the charming neighborhood of Gràcia in Barcelona. We collaborate with winemakers and chefs to give you an exclusive experience at a level that suits your needs and desires. And we never forget about one thing: wine is about having a good time!

On the other hand, Wine Secrets Barcelona helps importers of wine around the world connect with winemakers throughout Spain so they can find new products. The winemakers we represent are often family run businesses that emphasize quality over quantity. Other winemakers we work with have larger scale operations where the latest technologies in wine making help them produce quality wines at a high volume. Ask us and we´ll find just the product that you need!

Christopher Grenness  

Born in Oslo in 1972, Chris has spent well over half his life living in other countries than his native Norway, including Sweden, Switzerland and the United States. Since 2002 Barcelona, Spain has been his home. This is also where Chris´ love for wine and food took the leap from passion to profession.

Chris has a degree in political science and up till 2008 worked for various international organizations, mostly in the capacity of project analysis. In 2008 he decided to do a radical career change in buying part of what was then a run-of-the-mill neighborhood convenience store in financial difficulty with the objective of turning it into a winestore and delicatessen. Today Bodega Bonavista is an undeniable benchmark in Barcelona for quality wine, cheese, cured meats and other delicatessen, both to enjoy there and to go.

In Spring 2018 Chris decided that the time had come to move on and dedicate himself completely to his new and future business: Wine Secrets Barcelona. During his time at Bodega Bonavista Chris learned a tremendous amount about Spanish wines and formed an extensive network of contacts among Spanish wine makers, enologists and people in the wine sector. At the same time he became aware of the impression that people in other countries have of Spanish wine as heavily oaked, old fashioned and one-dimensional. An inpression that is very far from reality. An impression we want to change!