Welcome to Wine Secrets Barcelona

Spain today is arguably the world’s most exciting place for people who love wine. Yes, that’s a bold statement, but I can back it up! Over the past couple of decades, Spain has undergone what amounts to nothing short of a wine revolution. Young people are graduating with degrees in enology or agricultural engineering and are applying that knowledge to a world class raw material: an endless supply of often old vineyards with amazing potential.

A killer combination!


What I do

Wine Secrets Barcelona offers wine tastings for groups of friends, family, colleagues or whatever your connection may be. Most people have little or no prior knowledge when they enter my beautiful space in the charming neighborhood of Gràcia in central Barcelona. You’ll leave having learned about wine, but most importantly: I want you to leave happy! By appointment only.


On the other hand, we source exciting Spanish wine for international wine importers, helping them improve their portfolio and grow their presence in their home market. We help wine producers and importers build a transparent and trusting relationship to ensure a mutually beneficial collaboration year after year.

Wine tastings are fun!

Yes, that’s right. At Wine Secrets Barcelona we never forget that wine is about having a good time. So whether you’re a group of colleagues or a bunch of friends, our number one goal is always for you to leave with a smile on your face. Click on the mail or social media below and let’s taste!



More Viña Tondonia gems!

As anyone with a substantial wine cellar can collaborate, once you start collecting it’s pretty damn hard to stop. But, to my defence I can say that these wines aren’t for me. They’re for YOU! So if you’re into the classic gems, get in touch and let’s taste some!